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Centre for Global Education and TakingITGlobal are excited to announce #Decarbonize: #Decolonize – Youth Action Dialogue. We have partnered with several branches of UNESCO to help deliver a comprehensive learning journey around climate change, climate reliance and climate justice, in the context of empowering youth to make real and lasting changes in their school and local communities. This project will forefront the importance of recognizing our own obligations in mitigation, of seeing climate change as real and tangible, of feeling solidarity with those impacted, and of addressing social injustice and power disparities within climate change impacts and strategies.

In this project, youth will spend four months engaging in online, collaborative learning on a dedicated virtual classroom and exchanging ideas during a series of interactive video conferences, exploring the local, regional, national, and global intersections of climate change and mitigation. Students will also be challenged to engage this topic through a lens of #Decolonization - education, community, and action - recognizing that many systemic injustices are rooted and perpetuated in colonial frameworks that maintain a power imbalance between the Global North and Global South. This approach will provide context, nuance, and personal connection to a sometimes abstract global problem.

This multi-month project culminates in a youth representative from each of the 35 participating nations engaging in a weeklong synthesis process in Glasgow, Scotland, in November 2021, ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP 26). The selected National Lead Youth will collate and condense thousands of hours of work on the youth action projects, art, and collaborative learning activities - spanning the time between COP25 in Spain to COP26 in Scotland - into a global youth report. This report will be presented to the leaders of the world at COP26 and highlighted as part of the UNESCO ASPNet flagship program.

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